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Ballon Hunter


This time it is going too far. Your fellow mice have stopped to abide by the laws of physics. Standing on a giant square cat you have to put their foolish endeavour to an end. Use your infinite supply of darts to take out their ballons and get them back to the ground.

We have no idea what this game really is about and the chances for ever finding out are slim. Being unable to move due to weight problems and therefore sitting in front of a tv screen all day the cat has entered a degenerated state of mind. So it won't be any help. And the mice just won't talk. But don't wind most questions eventually down to the answer: “because”? Have fun.

How to play

Your goal is to hit as many ballons as possible in a given time of 2:00 minutes. Use the cursor keys to move left and right. Space bar will throw arrows, hold it to apply a greater force and thereby alter the arrow's flying angle. Be warned, though: Just hitting any ballon that comes in sight is not the cleverest approach. If you hit the different ballon colours in specific ways, you can trigger combinations which grant you extra points. Try to figure them out :)


You can download a precompiled Windows version of Ballon Hunter here. On any other operating system you'll have to try your luck with the source code (you'll still need this release for the media files, though). Ballon Hunter compiles and runs on Linux. Ballon Hunter v1.0


Of course, what would a summary page be without some screenshots? :)

hud_devel.jpg highscores.jpg

About the project

This was our first journey into the world of game programming with Ogre, so it's pretty much a simple experiment to get used to the basic features of Ogre. Don't expect too much from it. We think it's funny to play as far as it goes. It's not fully complete, for example, sound is missing due to technical problems we encountered trying to integrate it.

We have decided to put both source code and media files of this project under public domain. Should you have use for any of it, feel free to use it. You can get the source code and the original Blender mesh files here. The sources are known to compile on Linux (GCC) and Windows (MinGW). A Code::Blocks project file for Windows and a SCons SConstruct for Linux are included.

Source Code

Original Blender model files

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