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 ===== Cheshire Rescue ===== ===== Cheshire Rescue =====
-..they +A turn based tactical single player feline rescue game. 
 +No one was at home except for the cats. Out of mischief, or outright boredom, they set something on fire. Who knows how? Now it is up to you to save them. Send in your rescue squad, find the cats, and get them out!
 ===== Play ===== ===== Play =====
-The game runs on any modern web browser.+[[|Click to play.]] 
 +The game runs on most modern web browsers that support WebGL. The WebGL technology we are using is unfortunately not yet perfectly stable. Try to run the game on Firefox if you experience crashes running it on other browsers. 
 +You should be the proud owner of a mouse. We have not tested the controls on touch devices such as tablets or smartphones. 
 +The fire fighters move in turns. In each turn you command a fire fighter to move, chop through a wall, put out fire, or pick up a cat - until you have used up his action points. 
 +===== Background ===== 
 +Cheshire Rescue is the result of a 2 person game jam. Most of it was created within a timespan of 2 days. However, we cheated a bit, and allowed us some extra time after the deadline had passed to fix the most blatant (but not all) usability issues.
 ===== Attribution ===== ===== Attribution =====
-The game uses the [[|Unity]] engine. Sounds and music are based on samples from [[|freeSFX]]. +The game uses the [[|Unity]] engine. Sounds and music are based on samples from [[|freeSFX]]. The gameplay is based on the board game [[|Flash Point: Fire Rescue]].
 ===== Screenshots ===== ===== Screenshots =====
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