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Animal Mating Rituals

You are an ambituous animal breeder who specializes in giraffes, foxes, bunnies, pelicans and frogs. To get the breeding going you must assure that each of your protegees finds a mate. When it comes to their own kind they are not picky: gender plays no role and they will also mate happily in groups larger than two.


You can download the source code complete with all required media files here. The game is written in Python, so you need to have either Python >= 2.7 installed (2.6 may work, too), as well as the pygame library.

There is also a binary release available for Windows. It does not require Python but you may need to install theVisual Studio 2008 redistributable.


The complete game, including the design was done within a timespan of approximately 48 hours. After working on many game projects that often ended up too large and complex we wanted to finish something for a change. Thus we set ourselves a tight deadline to create a game from scratch and left everything else open. The only thing we agreed upon beforehand was what libraries and tools to use. We decided to use Python and pygame in case we would make a 2D game, and Ogre3D, Audiere and CEGUI in case we would make a 3D game.

We did not plan out who would do what, although it was clear that Nikolaj would do the graphics and that Holger would lead the programming. In the end Holger did all the programming and Nikolaj could concentrate on the art.


The graphics are released under the conditions of thecc-by license. All source code is released under the conditions of the zlib license.


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